The Canada House Collection

QE signs Canada House

2005.108.1ab_ralph_72_dpi_x_2500_0-2-2500x808-stThe refurbished Canada House in London’s famed Trafalgar Square was opened officially by Queen Elizabeth II on February 22, 2015. The High Commission conducted a year-long, meticulous $20-million renovation of the Greek Revival building, under the supervision of High Commissioner Gordon Campbell. The renovation was headed by Stantec, an Edmonton-based architecture practice that won the contract for the top-down redesign.

According to a Globe & Mail article describing The Collection of Canada House, artworks could be found “in each room – one for every province and territory, and more for former prime ministers Mackenzie King, Borden, Macdonald and Laurier,” in one of Canada’s most important embassies.

“The hope is that the country’s culture and values come through in the extraordinary quality of fine art, furniture and workmanship – not only from the urban centres but from sea to sea to sea,” wrote reporter Ellen Himelfarb.

High Commissioner Campbell said, “We want to show Canada, not tell Canada. The vast array of Canadian talent is clear here.”

“The quality and provenance are simply staggering,” said author Himelfarb.

My work, like much on display, was chosen and purchased by the Department of Foreign Affairs. This particular screen print on aluminum – Moraine Lake – was sold by Open Studio, the artist-run print studio and gallery in Toronto. It was displayed at the Official Residence of the Canadian Consul General in Miami, Florida, from 2005 to 2014 before being moved to London to be part of the permanent collection of Canada House. At time of writing Moraine Lake hangs in one of the rooms on the second floor of Canada House but will be rotated through the building in the future.